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Contact Information

The University of Western Ontario
Advancement Services, Westminster Hall Suite 260
London, ON N6A 3K7
Phone 519 661-4176 or 1-800-420-7519 (Canada & U.S.)
Fax 519 661-4182 advser@uwo.ca


Executive Director (Advancement)

Rosemary Lawrence-Pitt

email: rlawrenc@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85586

Director, Technology Services (External)

Drew Martin

email: dmartin2@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85280


Administration & Finance

Administrative Officer

Colleen Thody

email: cthody@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85062

Finance and Budget Analyst

Kelly Malone

email: kmalone7@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85853

Financial Officer

Debbie Faulkner

email: dfaulkn@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85186

Budget Officer

Ross Collishaw

email: rcollish@uwo.ca

phone:519 661-2111 x82732

Human Resource Officer

Cheryl Rivard

email: cheryl.rivard@uwo.ca

phone:519 661-2111 x88466




Information Management

Manager, Information Management and Systems

Sue Morin

email: smorin@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x81418

Web Engagement Strategist

Ericka Barrett-Greenham

email: ebarret5@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x86460

Functional Specialist

Mark Cleland

email: mcleland@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85175

Business Specialist

Lorraine Ollson

email: lollson@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85170

Functional Specialist

Karen Beltran

email: kbeltran@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x80343

Functional Specialist - Data Analytics

Jun Du

email: jdun43@uwo.ca

phone: 519-661-2111 x85587

Web Developer

Mark Koopman

email: mkoopma@uwo.ca

phone: 519-661-2111 x81489

Web Developer

Jordan Flemming

email: jflemmi2@uwo.ca

phone: 519-661-2111 x80563


Alumni and Gift Services

Manager, Alumni and Gift Services

Janice Van Der Klugt

email: jburchil@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85321

Donor Acknowledgement Coordinator

Diane Blackwell

email: dmellen@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85152

Data Integrity Coordinator

Jocelyne Robinson

email: jlevesq6@uwo.ca

phone: 519-661-2111 x85176

Alumni and Gift Services Assistant

Evagelia Alexiou

email: ealexiou@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85038

Alumni and Gift Services Assistant

Andrea Macdonald

email: amacd59@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85668

Alumni and Gift Services Assistant

Lisa Cox

email: lcox22@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x88462

Alumni and Gift Services Records Clerk

Gloria Prinzie

email: gprinzie@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x82873

Prospect Research


Mark Neilans

email: mneilan@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x 88821

Prospect Research Data Coordinator

Ela Rybicki

email: erybicki@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85282

Prospect Research Officer

Paul Klages

(on Leave until March 2014)

Prospect Research Officer

Whymark Austen

email: jausten2@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x88648

Prospect Research Officer

Ashley Irvine

(on Leave until January 2015)

phone: 519-611-2111 x85048

Prospect Research Officer

Kristina Dubois

email: kdubois2@uwo.ca

phone: 519-611-2111 x86037

Prospect Research Officer

Katie Giffen

email: kgiffen@uwo.ca

phone: 519-611-2111 x85048

Client Support

Steve Marino

email: external.support@uwo.ca

phone: 519 661-2111 x85051


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.: Colleen Thody
email: cthody@uwo.ca
phone: 519 661-2111 x85062